The Spinning Studio
Silk Fiber, Spinning Wheels, Felting Kits, St. Blaise Combs,  Edo imperial Marudai, FlashFelter and more....


The Calendar is here! 2018, 13 gorgeous horses, inspired by my felt tapestries with a few samples here and there of the exctiting surprises inside! 

Artis Equus

Ongoing Exhibit

The Equine Affaire

Springfield, Massachusetts- November 

Artis Equus is an ongoing exhibit of handmade wool felt tapestries and original block prints by artist, Neysa Russo. 

Artistic renderings of the horse date back more than 6000 years and my work explores the development of mans relationship with the horse via an historical journey throughout the ages. Equestrian imagery is the inspiration and designs from ancient pottery, textiles, carvings, bronze and marble statues from around the world are my muse.